How do I take care of my hair extensions?

We highly encourage all of our customers to follow these pre-installation requirements before installation of their hair, and after installation on a weekly basis to ensure the highest quality outcome from your new hair. Repeat the below steps every other day.

1. Brush out all knots. Brush from the bottom up.

2. Wet the hair with warm water.

3. Shampoo the hair with a quarter sized amount of shampoo.

4. Rinse the shampoo with warm water.

5. QUICK TIP: Warm water helps open the cuticle and prepares the hair for the next step.

6. Apply a generous amount of conditioner, run your fingers through the hair from the top down. Scrunch the ends with conditioner, this remedies split ends with ease.

7. QUICK TIP: Comb the conditioner through with a wide tooth comb.

8. Rinse the conditioner out with luke-warm water.

9. Pat dry. Do not rub the hair to dry it, gently pat.
For extra added care follow the these two steps:
* For best results, apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner every week.
* Perform a deep conditioning at least once a month.

Product Recommendation: Argan Oil & Coconut Oil

A routine hair care regimen is vital for proper upkeep of our 100% natural human hair products. The more you take care of your hair, the better you protect your investment... Ultimately leading to a happier you.